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Look out for the NFT Gallery in our latest Web Extension update coming soon.

An easier way to collect NFTs

We’re releasing our NFT Gallery on the BOLT X Web Extension. You’ll soon be able to send, receive, store (and admire) all your NFTs in one wallet. All these in less than three easy steps!

Send your NFTs to anyone

#60 BOLT Vault — App updates, new programmes, BOLT X Web Extension release 9/9/21

Today marks our 60th issue of BOLT Vault since we’ve embarked on this epic ride 2 years ago. Thank you to so many of you for your support all these years. Here’s to more exciting and…

BOLT X Web Extension is now LIVE!

You can now access our entire suite of services on BOLT X Web Extension including wallet authentication, staking, and fund transfers with just a simple click away. The Extension is featured on, and is available to download on

#59 BOLT Vault — Live programme guides, Live Chat for top streamers, 12 new esports streamers, launch! 26/8/21

Hey BOLTians!

Lucky you, we’ve got good news to top off the week! We’ve launched our website, added Live Chat for top streamers, introduced 12 new esports streamers, and added…

#58 BOLT Vault — BOLT X Chrome extension launch, Live Chat on BOLT+, and intro to BOLT+ Premium! 12/8/21

Welcome back BOLTians! This week, we’re gearing up to bring you multiple product updates, including the BOLT X Chrome Extension feature and BOLT+ Live Chat feature. …

#57 BOLT Vault — BOLT+ app updates, AMA token utility recap! 29/7/21

Hey BOLTians!

This week, we bring you extensive BOLT token utility updates, BOLT+ app update (ver 1.67.1); which includes the addition of live radio channels for iOS, improvements in search functionality, and a new channel partner coming onboard…

#56 BOLT Vault — Exclusive sneak peek 15/7/21

Hey BOLTians! This week, we highlight all the improvements we’ve made to our products and services in the first half of 2021, take you through our future plans, and introduce you to the next AMA session happening on Jul 29th. …

#55 BOLT Vault — Halfway there 1/7/21

Hello, BOLTians, and welcome back to another issue of BOLT Vault! We’ve made it through half of the year, with a litany of achievements under our belt — from a massive website refresh to new content partners all across the globe, and a…

#54 BOLT Vault — Kickoff 17/6/21

It’s football season once again — and what a time it’s shaping up to be! With EURO 2020 in full swing, we’ve developed key features to enhance your viewing experiences — alongside our stable of exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and more. Let’s get started!

Exclusive EURO 2020 content — on the EURO 2020 channel on BOLT+!

#53 BOLT Vault — Hello, June! 3/6/21

As make our way into June, we are proud to have made significant progress on our movement — giving our website a huge refresh, bringing in new partners, major blockchain financial updates, and more features on our products.

In this issue of Vault…

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